Special Day (1)When we first moved to Hohenfels we quickly learned that everything seems to be closed on Sundays. All malls, grocery stores and local shops completely shut down. The commissary and PX were open on the Army post, but those get old real quick and soon we were left looking for other places to go on a Sunday after church. So to help everybody out, here are some kid-friendly ideas:

  1. Bavarian castle pass

This has been a lifesaver. You order the pass online and they mail it to you within about a week (use your German address if you have one to get it quickly). The pass comes with the card you show to get in castles for free and a booklet that gives a little bit of information on all the castles covered by the pass (prices, opening hours, history, etc.) and a map of where the castles are. The family pass costs €65 for a year of free castle seeing. It covers famous castles like Neuschwanstein and the Residenz in Munich, but there are tons of other castles, palaces and gardens all over Bavaria as well. Almost all of the castles are open on Sunday and many of them have tours in English.

  1. Museumsdb_museum

Most museums in Bavaria are open on Sunday and take Monday or Tuesday as their rest
day. Most of them are also free for children, which is really nice. There are so many museums in Munich and Nuremberg and they all have English options on their websites and can be found easily in a Google search, so I won’t list them here. So far our favorite was the DB train museum in Nuremberg. Museums are also great options for the 75% of the year when it is cold and snowy/rainy.

  1. Water parks

I know what you’re thinking: “but Deb, it’s Germany. Sure water parks are great when it’s warm, but how often does THAT happen in Bavaria?” Well, hold on to your socks, because I’m about to knock them off. These are indoor water parks! Woah! Almost every big city has one. The one we go to in Nuremberg has huge water slides, a wave pool, kiddie play area, restaurant, lap pool and hot tubs. Plus it’s Bavaria so of course they serve beer. It’s a great way to get your kids’ energy out any Sunday of the year.

  1. Wölpiland

This is an awesome indoor playground in Neumarkt. Tons of inflatable bouncy houses, slides, a ball pit, and a coffee/snack station. Our 2-year old and 5-year old absolutely love this place.

  1. Playmobil FunParkPlaymobil_Funpark

You could spend all day at this place. It’s basically a collection of different themed playgrounds. There’s a dinosaur world, pirate world, Noah’s ark, and all kinds of other things. They also have an indoor playground and areas where kids can play with just about every Playmobil figure ever invented. There are a few restaurants on site and there is also a water spray park if you go when it is warm enough outside to use it.

  1. Wald Wipfel Weg

This place is great for young children! There is a 30-meter-high path to walk above the WaldWipfelWegBavarian Forest and see some great views, a nature trail, playground, rock wall, cave of optical illusions, llamas, kangaroos, alpacas, an upside down house and lovely restaurant and snack bar. Nearby are some places where you can take some slides down the mountains, which would be great for older kids. This place was also stroller friendly and affordable at only 7 Euros 50 cents for adults and free for kids under 7 (which all of ours are).

  1. Hiking

If you are short on cash just go for a walk! There are so many cool nature and historical sites to see in Bavaria! Enjoy the forest paths or take a hike up to some castle ruins.

Hopefully this short list keeps you busy for a while. Please feel free to share your ideas for a boring Sunday in Bavaria in the comments section below!