This blog almost died. Like every house plant I’ve ever owned, I have ignored it until it has become a sad, dehydrated shadow of its former self. But I like this blog more than any house plant and I’m not ready to let it die that easily.

It is amazing how quickly memories fade without writing things down. I try to write about my travels within a few weeks of a trip, but life got busy. I moved across the world and changed jobs and have neglected writing anything for months. I was tempted to let this whole thing fall by the wayside and just be something I used to do.  “Hey, you guys remember that one time when I had a blog? Yeah, good times.” But, no! I shall persevere! I still have places I’ve been about which I have not written! France! Croatia! Kansas (really, Kansas?)! Oh yeah, I’ve moved to Kansas.

This blog is my photo album. I can go back, look at pictures and read stories and remember. I want to be able to show my children the places they’ve been and tell them stories about their adventures. I don’t want to just know that I went somewhere, I want to be able to recall everything I did saw and felt.

This blog is my creative outlet. Some kids wanted to be firefighters or astronauts when they grew up. I wanted to be an artist. But then I realized I’m not really that great at art. I can’t paint my feelings or the places I’ve been, but I can write about them and somebody else might even want to read what I write. Maybe I even inspire somebody else to go see something new.

So I can’t quit. I just took a hiatus. I’m transitioning from my green period to my blue period. Or something else that an artist would do when their life changes.

Army, you may have taken Europe from me, but you can’t take my adventurous spirit! I can find something interesting here in my new home. I’m sure I’ve seen a poster in a dentist’s office somewhere that says “travel is a state of mind”. Maybe not, but it sounds like something I would have seen in a dentist’s office, and who can deny the authority of a dentist? Not someone with a smile like mine!

I’m back. And now that all the dust has settled from my move, I’m going to write. I’ll write about all the places I’ve been and all the new places I find and the way they looked and smelled and sounded and felt! I will sculpt my memories with words into something that I can go back and touch any time I want. When my kids get old enough to think that I’m just some dull, boring mom they can read my words and realize that, yes! I am a dull, boring mom, but I’ve been some really interesting places! And I think that’s something worth not giving up on.

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